Vinotel Gospoja is the quintessential retreat for those seeking serenity and luxury, entwining a zeal for fine wines and culinary delights with the area's enchanting natural and cultural allure. Guests can savor indigenous wines and authentic regional cuisine, each infused with the unique character bestowed by the local bora winds, the Adriatic Sea, and the island's fragrant herbs. This contributes to a memorable dining experience. Nestled in a location that offers awe-inspiring views, Vinotel Gospoja is a sanctuary of tranquility, a rare haven for those desiring a sumptuous and peaceful escape from the bustling pace of daily life.


The hotel boasts a contemporary design, crafted to mimic a vibrant mosaic of interconnected houses in varying hues reminiscent of a vineyard's changing palette through the seasons. Its distinctive appeal stems from a theme that celebrates the heritage of winemaking. With 22 rooms, each is a tribute to the art of viticulture: 8 rooms echo the motifs of dark grape varieties, while 9 reflect the elegance of white grapes. The five most sumptuous suites are an ode to Žlahtina, the signature wine of Vrbnik. This commitment to tradition permeates the entire hotel, right down to the deliberate choice of room count, which honors the legacy of Ivan and Katica Toljanić by corresponding to the number of their cherished grandchildren.


In 1995, Ivan Toljanić inaugurated the "Gospoja" restaurant within the lower level of the Toljanić family residence. As Ivan's children ventured out, the family home became a guesthouse. Subsequently, this guesthouse ceased operations, evolving into a venue dedicated to tasting fine wines and regional specialties. In honor of Ivan Toljanić's legacy, the family launched 'Vinotel Gospoja.' Established in 2016 on the grounds of an ancestral dwelling and constructed in a mere eight months, the hotel is a modern tribute to its roots. The Vinotel retains two original load-bearing walls from the family home, preserving a palpable and historic connection to the family's heritage.

The staff of Vinotel Gospoja will be happy to accommodate you and ensure your stay is truly unforgettable. We want every moment spent with us to be rich in a unique and relaxing atmosphere.

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